Indian Knowledge Systems
Indian Knowledge Systems Part 1 - an Overview

The purpose of this series of three essays is to make the reader aware of the richness of Indian knowledge systems. It also focuses on the ontological and epistemological foundations of Indian knowledge systems. The series tries to give an overview of how Indian metaphysics differs from the scientific and modern perspectives of knowledge production and understanding of reality.

by Dr. Pingali Gopal


Dharma Today
Point of View - Legacy of Raja Rammohun Roy

Raja Rammohun Roy's final legacy and vision for India to transform it into an English-speaking, Christian British nation.

by Savitri Mumukshu


The Timeless Elegance of Ancient Indian Hairstyles - A Journey through the Ages

Through the strands of time, the article unravels the secrets of these ancient Indian coiffures, discovering a captivating world where hair was not just an accessory but a medium for artistic expression and cultural significance.

by Anurag Shukla


Cinema and Books
Book Review - 'Brahmin Genocide - The Precursor to Hindu Extinction, by Asi'

The book Brahmin Genocide - The Precursor to Hindu Extinction delves into the Brahmin identity's historical significance, exposes targeted hate against them, and proposes solutions to safeguard Hindu culture from impending extinction.

by Kavita Krishna Meegama


Dharma Today
The Abuse of Art - Propaganda in Shyam Singha Roy

The Hindu conception of art is diametrically opposite to the movies being made today. This piece analyses the the abuse of art in the 2021 movie Shyam Singha Roy.

by Anshuman Panda


Dharma Today
Hinduism in the Blind Spot - Part 1

Part 1 of an essay exploring the curious absence of investigations into Hinduism and its ontology even among the free-thinking and open-minded segments of research and exploration.

by Amritanshu Pandey


Cinema and Books
Kerala Story - A Horrifying Tale of Supremacist Ideology in Practice

Here is a thought experiment, read this without thinking ‘Islamophobia’. Read this with an intent to learn facts. A review of the film The Kerala Story from the ground up.

by Kavita Krishna Meegama


Sri Aurobindo’s School of Bhavānī Bhāratī

The 2nd in our schools of thought series is on Sri Aurobindo, who gave us the method of attaining true svarāja.

by Shri Ramachandra Roddam


Studying the Kaṭha Upaniṣad: A Psycho-Spiritual Lens: Part 1

Psycho-Spiritual Demystification of Katha Upanisad

by Abhisek Kumar Panda


Dāśarājña Recontextualized: Part 1

In this essay series, using substantiated frameworks for out-of-India migrations, and Paurāṇika genealogy, Sudās of the Ṛgveda is introduced as the man who ushered in proto-Bhāratavarṣa.

by Amritanshu Pandey


The Chidambara Rahasyam

This article delves into the historical and religious significance of the Naṭarāja temple in Chidambaram. It also examines its legal status in the context of political vendettas against the shrine.

by Sai Priya Chodavarapu