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To power creatives, research and design rooted in the Indian civilizational consciousness. We convert individual, institutional and collective intent into action.


Exploring Why We Are, The Way We Are
“What is the purpose in knowing everything without knowing your own Self?” - Pravrājika Divyanandaprāṇa
Time and again, scientists from the Orient as well as the Occident have believed that human nature is kaleidoscopic. The study of Human Evolution and Counselling is witnessing an exciting phase of growth; moving beyond the Euro-American theories and thus further exploring culturally rooted perspectives.
A ground-breaking, multidisciplinary, and innovative study integrating the perspectives of the Orient (vedic) and the Occident (Modern) to examine the ‘HUMAN’ in its entirety.


Hindu Culture Rennaissance
A weekly video series to discuss literature, arts, drama, architecture, sculpture, cinema and other fine arts from the point of view of rasikā, in Sanskṛta Niṣṭha Hindī. View at Youtube, and remember to subscribe-

Bhat Anveī

Culture Travel and Discovery. Register Now for OPEN CHAPTERS.
A travel program to contemporize ancient Indian tradition by guiding travel groups through hitherto rarely explored sacred kṣetras of India.

Bhat Draā

Online Courses on Itihāsa, Bhārata and Dharma.
An offering in deep learning that extends courses on some of the greatest ancient and contemporary philosophers (draṣṭās) and schools of thoughts (darśanas).


Visual and Creative Cultural Content
Video content that taps into the eternal streams of beauty and reality in our culture and voices them in contemporary idiom.


Essays on Culture, Policy and Education
Dhī - thought, intent, reflection
Iti - verily, this.
Dhīti - conception, perception, understanding.
A blog for our written voice on Culture and Policy, Dharma Today, Śatrubodha and Svayaṃbodha, and the Indian Knowledge Systems.

Bhat Open Library

Online library for all things Dharma and Indian Knowledge Systems.
Find books, digitized searchable texts, works on history and language, and more. Explore our dedicated section - The Āryan Issue and curated readings - Bṛhat's Essentials.

Also Explore

Design, Civilization, Imagination
With a continuity of untold millennia, the passage of time visible to us in itihāsa, information was processed in increasingly complex ways within the physical environment best described as Bhārata, emerged a civilizational consciousness, with multi-level coherence. It is known to us as Dharma. Creative new avenues in art, design and narratives of this story:
Ṛta in Design

A new framework for design thinking, centred on the mind of the designer. Inspired by universal principles of Dharma.

Fractal Maṇḍala

Research, exploration, and furtherance of Indian civilizational consciousness through long-form essays and development of core ontology.

Scrolls of Āryavarta

Cultural narratives of the Bhārata that once was, and some of the Bhārata that could have been. At the edge of AI and art.