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Bhat is a Culture Engine

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about brhat

To power creatives, research and design rooted in the Indian civilizational consciousness, we convert individual, institutional and collective intent into these actions:


conversations on civilization and culture


Essential conversations on culture and civilization. The lenses of svayaṃbodha and śatrubodha explored in video format.


hindu cultural renaissance


Video series to discuss literature, arts, drama, architecture, sculpture and cinema from the point of view of rasikā, in Sanskṛta Niṣṭha Hindī.

Bhat Anveṣī

culture travel and discovery


A culture experience and discovery travel program that curates guided temple tours to hitherto rarely explored sites across India.

Bhat Draṣṭā

online courses on bhārata, itihāsa and dharma


Shared online learning program and community. Courses on firekeepers of civilization and Indian Knowledge Systems.

Bhad Mṛdaṅga

visual and creative cultural content


The fundamental human aesthetic experience, explored in visual medium. Content that cover kalās, rasas, utsavas and more.

Bhat Open Library

online library for indian knowledge systems


Online repository of Books, Papers, Texts and Scriptures. Gathering point for digitized scripture, civilizational literature and more.


essays on culture, policy and more


Our blog, featuring long-reads, research essays, cinema reviews, historical work, book reviews and much more.

Scrolls of Āryavarta

a bhārata that once was or could have been


Imaginations of the Bhārata that once was and could have been. Visual storytelling combining AI-art with narrative plot and exploration.

Fractal Maṇḍala

investigations into indian civilizational consciousness


Civilization with multi-level coherence. Research, exploration, and furtherance of Indian civilizational consciousness.

ta in Design

a new system for design, rooted in dharma


A new framework for design thinking, centred on the mind of the designer. Inspired by universal principles of Dharma.