A weekly video series to discuss literature, arts, drama, architecture, sculpture, cinema and other fine arts from the point of view of rasikā, in Saṃskṛta Niṣṭha Hindī.

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Svarṇāñjali is a weekly video series

to discuss literature, arts, drama, architecture, sculpture, cinema and other fine arts from the point of view of rasikā, in Sanskṛta Niṣṭha Hindī.

It will venture into feelings, experiences and problems which we all have, and will look at them from a dhārmic point of view, through the lens of art, language, literature and aesthetics.

Rigorous research combined with classical aesthetics and a human presentation, we hope to rekindle the cultural confidence.

50 premium video productions featuring the uniquely innate cultural lens of Pankaj Saxena and Nivedita Tiwari.

With Bṛhat's distinct aesthetic and visual presence.

Add Your Voice to Svarṇāñjali

Have you observed your use of foreign words in your conversations in Hindi (and/or your regional language)?

Have you tried replacing them? How was that experience? Fun, Daunting? We'd love to hear, share it with us.

What is your favorite book in Hindi and/or Regional Literature?
Who is your favorite Author in Hindi and/or Regional Literature?
Here is a fun challenge:

Speak anything in Hindi for atleast 30 seconds (max 1 minute) without using a single word of FATE (Farsi, Arabic, Turkish, English) languages.
Share the link of your video with us, we will put the most interesting ones on our Youtube channel :)


Why Svarṇāñjali

Language reflects a culture's aspirational value to society. It is at the root of creative agency of a people.

But today, this role has been outsourced to the market. This stunts 'cultural confidence'. Languages are evaluated not on the worth of their cultural importance but on the utility to get jobs and join a specific cultural paradigm.

Compounding this is the issue of politicization of language in the name of democracy.

All of this leads to loss of the vital spirit of a land, of its culture and its people.
But the Hindū consciousness is no longer underground. It has started surfacing. The spark of Hindū renaissance is now turning into a huge flame. We are putting the Hindū eye to philosophy, society and politics.
Time has come now for this Hindū consciousness to break into the level of arts and literature.

Our Aims

the Creation of Beauty

is the primary goal of the series. It wants its audience to experience rasa like a rasika and a nāgarika

Reestablishment of Sanskṛta Niṣṭha Hindī

our second goal is to re-infuse the spirit of Sanskṛta into Hindī language and to free it from FATE words, in order to bring dhārmic awareness.

Hindī literature and Indian arts from a Hindū perspective

the third goal of Svarṇānjali is to revisit literature, arts, drama, architecture, sculpture and cinema from a deep Hindū perspective.

to Aestheticize Life

the last goal is to discuss individual problems and perspectives from the eye of Hindū aesthetics and in the process give them an elevating and uplifting experience which will also be cathartic.

To mainstream what does Hindū darśana says about arts and literature, and to enable Hindū consciousness to take the next leap and reach each nook and corner of Hindū society, through our great tradition of story-telling, in regional languages.