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Each month Bṛhat will release new content exclusively for our subscribed members. As we launch this program, this includes a visual cultural story at Scrolls of Āryavarta, a new special addition to Bṛhat Open Library, and a featured essay monthly.

In addition, the membership gives access to our monthly newsletter, Bṛhat Adya, which organizes our calendar of activities, open programs, upcoming courses and more. In time, we look to add more content, early access videos, and other subscription benefits.

The program reflects our intent to create cultural storytelling, deliver tools and resources for learning pathways, and articulate the Indic paradigm - or Dharma Dṛṣṭī - and to do so with scale and volume.

Lifetime Membership

'Culture Creatives' has always been the first pillar of our work. We draw from the deep pool of Dharma to produce contemporary storytelling, narrative and cultural furtherance.

Delivering on this intent requires us to invest in talent, technical resources, research hours, production excellence and more. Your support can fast-track us on scaling of premium content, meaningful research output, and more.

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Primary Initiatives

Research and documentation hours to back the content we create, visual content production upgrades that help amplify our reach, and authentic and creative cultural storytelling are the primary areas we plan to invest our capital in.

The content samples below demonstrate our work and intent.

Visual Content

Our flagship video series, Svarṇāñjali, is now in its second season.

With the Bodha series, we look to field essential discourses on culture and civilization.

The Bṛhadmṛdaṅga banner has produced nearly 100 videos covering dharma, bhāva, rasa, utsava and more.

Knowledge Curation

The Bṛhat Open Library hosts and curates 200+ texts on IKS, dharma, history, and other streams. Each month we add a completely 'digitized' text - indexed, searchable and navigable by chapter/verse structure, linked to dictionaries and core lexicons and more. While we source from data available in the public domain, cataloging and posting each text requires critical technical and resource interventions.

Investments in this initiative will help us build a curated Dharmic literature research stack to offer to learning institutions and researchers.

Subscribed members can currently access the Dhātupāṭha.

Cultural Furtherance

Through creative output to represent culture and civilization in new media and forums, for example through our Scrolls of Āryavarta project. Current visual stories in the public domain: