bṛhat is a culture engine

To power creatives, research and design rooted in the Indian civilizational consciousness.
We convert individual, institutional and collective intent into manifestation, through three core actions

visual and literary stories
design thinking and methods
research output on education and ecology
culture-rooted thought models


heritage experience journeys
culture-fit in mass media
NEP-relevant IKS curriculum
culture rooting in product and design


NEP-IKS implementation
policy thinking on education and ecology
organizational structure
leadership frameworks

An engine is an instrument for transformation, and this engine is to build the self-perpetuating civilizational moment. How does one go about doing that?

At Bṛhat, we're acutely aware of three pillars:

culture in action
Civilization Is Culture In Action

The civilizational moment needs rooting in Dharma - of this there is no doubt. Thus a core part of our work is culture creatives that draw from the deep pool of Dhārmika heritage.

culture compatible policy
It Needs Culture-Compatible Policy

Radical reorientations are needed in education and ecology. To this end, our focus will be on generating policy currency for culture through frameworks, curriculum and more.

intergenerational work
The Work Is Inter-Generational

It needs leadership with cultural-cognition to carry the Agni. This cognition needs to permeate even brand and organisation - essential quarters for the overton window shift.

But the severest constraint of them all is Time, and more specifically - moment. The time for a culture engine is now, because we are in the midst of a civilizational moment. What is a civilizational moment? How rare or regular are such moments? How must we respond to them?
Explore our answers to such questions, our vision, brand and more:


prof. kapil kapoor
Prof. Kapil Kapoor

Former Chairman, Indian Institute of Advanced Study - Shimla

dr. meenakshi jain
Dr. Meenakshi Jain

Padmashri, Author, Historian

shri hari kiran
Shri Hari Kiran Vadlamani

Founder, Indica

dr. richa chopra
Dr. Richa Chopra

Core Faculty, Centre of Excellence for IKS - IIT Kharagpur