Ghrtam: Pride in India is presented by Bṛhat and Sri Aurobindo International School (SAIS), as a joint partnership for the 2024 – 2025 academic school year. Ghṛtam is a cultural continuity program for parents, on overcoming generational & cultural barriers today.

In this program, Bṛhat will conduct sessions and workshops for parents of students at the Sri Aurobindo International School, Hyderabad. This would benefit families by facilitating the parents to have critical conversations around culture, values, and Indianness. This in turn will help foster cultural togetherness and enable parents to transmit their values in a rapidly changing external world.

This is an optional program for parents and highly recommended by SAIS.


Today, Indian families are subjected to constant cultural warfare, resulting in the breakdown of family values and societal stability. Mobile technology and corporate lifestyles lead to colonization of the mind. This introduces a large cultural barrier between generations.

It is only a comprehensive civilizational awareness that can help overcome these barriers, facilitating generational and cultural continuity. If we want our families to continue into the long-term future with harmony, togetherness, and happiness, this requires parents to equip themselves with a different type of learning and knowledge that helps understand childrens’ concerns.

The Pride in India program is a civilizational solution to the challenge that modern Indian parents face today. Through these 10 sessions, parents will gain an understanding of the current global landscape of civilizations, and how grounding in our cultural identity helps have a sense-making mechanism and larger-picture view.

This alone leads to long-term stability and happiness, overcoming many of the negative aspects of western lifestyle and culture which plague our present and future lives.


10 sessions shall be conducted throughout the school year, with a regular frequency of one session per month.

Hybrid Mode

Some of these sessions will be held offline, in-person at the school; while some will be held online, virtually.

Program Fee

This program will be offered at a nominal fee of 1000/ INR. Sri Aurobindo International School, in an effort to strongly encourage parents to join in and participate, and in support of this program, will be covering 30% of this cost so that the total cost per family is only 700/ INR (for all 10 sessions).

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