A learning offering by Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham and Bṛhat Educational Trust. The program is designed to instill a deep-rooted connection with the Indic heritage while imbibing students with the discerning spirit of Dharma Dṛṣṭi.

It aims to develop in the mind four sets of intelligences: spiritual, cognitive, socio-cultural and political. The learners will traverse through the works of luminaries such as Sitaram Goel, Ram Swarup, Sri Aurobindo, Swami Vivekananda, A.K. Saran, etc. among others. Temple visits help connect with the sacred and spiritual dimensions of the civilization.

Through reflective and continuous learning, internships and specialized workshops, participants will be able to locate their civilizational heritage within a rapidly evolving world, thereby becoming torchbearers and effective contributors.

about the program

This program is for undergraduate and postgraduate students enrolled at Amrita University who:

- have an interest in/ passion for civilization and its various aspects,
- have burning questions about one’s identity and place in the world, or
- are looking to study and offer innovative and sustainable solutions for global concerns.

In addition - internships, mentor-mentee design and immersive travel experiences. More details on the program, the learning design, our pedagogical approach and overall structure are available in the program brochure.

course components

Online Courses and Physical Lectures

The engagements of 4 hours with 2 sessions per week, will be coherently divided into online and physical lecture components as needed. 

Immersive Field Experiences

Sacred tours will be conducted to take the students to the sacred kṣetras of Bhāratavarṣa. At least one such tour will be conducted every year.

Reading Schedule

A list of 108 books will be assigned to the students to read in a curated program with 27 books every year.


One 4-day workshop will be held periodically to focus on policy, leadership, design and writing.

Writing Apprenticeship

Students will be taught about writing tools and then will be given real jobs to write and hone their skills.