Nītividhāna is an intensive online policy learning program offered by Bṛhat and Chinmaya International Foundation.

Public Policy is deeply rooted in Political Philosophy (राजनैतिक दर्शन), drawing from key thinkers and texts of Eastern and Western heritages. The program offers a comprehensive global perspective on Political Philosophy, tracing the development and evolution of these traditions in their historical context, and examining their role in contemporary times. It also delves into the suitable Policy-response necessitated by the demands of a swiftly transforming global landscape

The program challenges its participants to take the risk of thinking not just differently, but more holistically. The course delves into topics like Dharma in Governance, Ancient Indian Sciences, Āyurveda, Yoga, and Ethical Frameworks, supplemented by three focused Field Orientation Modules. It facilitates an immersive learning experience through interactive online sessions, collaborative discourse, self-directed study, and hands-on exercises, all aimed at offering a grounding in Indian Knowledge Systems to address contemporary global challenges.

Who is the Program For?

1. Curious and Concerned Citizens

to empower their civic and social responsibilities with the timeless wisdom of Indian Knowledge Systems.


2. Students and Policy Enthusiasts

who seek a more coherent worldview, beyond ideological headlines.


3. Managers and Leaders

wishing to acquire a richer lens to locate their work and expand their area of influence.


4. Practising and Aspiring Political Leaders

who want to distinguish themselves and rise above a purely electoral understanding of politics.


5. Influencers and Content Creators

looking to bring the power of their content towards societal outcomes.

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In designing a pedagogical philosophy rooted in Dharma, Drishti, and Disha, we at Brhat, draw upon the profound wisdom of ancient Indian traditions, where knowledge is not merely an intellectual pursuit but a holistic journey encompassing all dimensions; intellectual, ethical, spiritual, and practical. This philosophy is deeply aligned with our cultural heritage.

Dharma - Moral and Ethical Foundation
Dharma is at the core of our pedagogical philosophy. We believe that participants must be not just introduced to the "what" of governance but the "why" in a manner that upholds the principles of interconnectedness, interdependence, creation of surplus and universal well-being.

Dṛṣṭi - Vision and Perspective
The development of a discerning gaze which is anchored in a dhārmika vision of the self and world. In debates and discussions, participants will learn to analyze issues from multiple viewpoints, encouraging them to develop a broad and inclusive perspective.

Diśā - Direction and Purpose
A sense of purpose and direction instilled through study, reflective projects, case study applications and long-term engagements.


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Tentative List, Liable to Change.

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Ask us anything about the program, details, schedule and more.