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Introduction to Śrī Sita Ram Goel

Śrī Sita Ram Goel was one of the finest historians of 20th century Bhārata and the founder of Voice of India. He did a pūrva pakṣa of monotheistic ideologies and religions like Islam, Christianity, Judaism and communism, through an exposition of yogic citta bhūmīs.

June 11 - 29

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The journey of a culture’s evolution into a civilisation is long and strenuous. Illustrious ancestors apart, its continuity demands capable descendants who can carry the legacy forward. For the Hindu civilisation, that essence/legacy is perfectly symbolised as the fire of the Yajna which has been passed on from one generation to next, through steel-willed people whom we refer to as Firekeepers of Civilisation.

Śrī Sita Ram Goel was one such Firekeeper, being one of India’s greatest historians in contemporary times. He pioneered the detoxification and decolonization of India’s history writing, correcting the distorted narrative hawked by Marxist historians to emasculate the Hindu society.

Being a prolific writer, he wrote on a vast number of topics concerning the polity of the day, and was visionary enough to predict the challenges of the future. He wrote around 25 books ranging from history to ideology to strategy.

His most important work has been the compilation of the list of Hindu temples destroyed by invaders, in his two volume magnum opus: ‘Hindu temples What Happened to Them’.  He also created a publishing house called ‘Voice of India’, where he gathered India’s finest historians, thinkers, scholars, linguists and scientists to reverse the deracination of Hindu society. His vision for Voice of India, which animates us as well, deserves quotation:

“Hindu society and culture are faced with a crisis. There is a united front of entrenched alien forces to disrupt and discredit the perennial values of the Indian ethos. All who care for India need to know what is happening and what is to be done if a major tragedy is to be averted…In this fight for men’s minds, our only weapon is truth. Truth must be told, as much about Hindu society and culture as about the alien ideologies which have been on the war-path since the days of foreign domination over the Hindu homeland.”

At Bṛhat, we aspire for the Hindu society to be armed with the twin lenses of Svayaṃbodha i.e Knowledge of the Self and Śatrubodha i.e Knowledge of the Other. SRG’s works give a razor sharp insight into the ideologies which have historically claimed exclusive ownership of the truth and wished to subjugate the rest of the world to it through adhārma (Śatrubodha). This Bṛhat Draṣṭā course aims to serve as a primer into his works and take forward his mission of generating constructive awareness in the society.