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Introduction to Shri Ram Swarup

Shri Ram Swarup was one of the greatest Hindu thinkers to come out of India in the last century. This course is an introduction to his works and thoughts, leading learners to a better understanding of Bhāratavarṣa and Sanātana Dharma and our place in the scheme of things.

Jul 31 - Aug 21

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Shri Ram Swarup was one of the finest thinkers of Bhāratavarṣa who commented upon every important aspect of Hindu culture; and upon the nature of Bhārata’s civilizational enemies, with penetrative insights. He did a pūrva pakṣa of monotheistic ideologies and religions like Islam, Christianity, Judaism and communism, through an exposition of yogic citta bhūmīs.

He explained yoga sādhanā and its centrality to Hindu dharma, drawing from deep meditational experiences. He explained Hindu darśana and nuances of language, words and roots by discussing names of gods.

He dreamed of re-establishing Sanātana dharma as a universal tradition, while helping pagan sects to revive. Never wasting a single word, his writing is un-editable like a sūtra and yet exudes great literary beauty.

Shri Ram Swarup was a deep civilizational thinker – spiritually, intellectually and culturally. Every aspiring thinker and leader should heed his call for Hindu renaissance and his concept of svayambodha and śatrubodha. This Bṛhat Dṛaṣṭā course is an introduction to the work of Shri Ram Swarup, discussing all his works in eight lectures, leading the learners to a better understanding of Bhāratavarṣa and the world.