Goa Chapter


datesicon 30 Sept to 3 Oct 2023
durationicon 4D 4N
priceicon ₹36,999
Bṛhat Anveṣī Goa Chapter takes us to a place where mountains and the ocean meet. Goa offers a lot in both nature and culture. Full of rivers, forests and mountains, Goa means green all around, with moss-covered sidewalks, overhanging creepers on the walls, and the palpable feeling of sparse population. And great temples! Very few know Goa for its temples, but it has some of the greatest temple ecosystems of Bhāratavarṣa. Under Portuguese rule Goa suffered from great destruction of its temples, culture and heritage.

Almost every single temple on the coast was destroyed. But the Goans shifted entire kśetras inside, in safer parts of Goa like Ponda, recreating the sacred temple ecosystems. Goa is the story of the reclamation and rebuilding of our great heritage. 

Bṛhat Anveṣī - Goa chapter will lead you through the charm of small Goan towns, lush green countryside, fast flowing rivers, jungle trails, mist-covered mountains, quiet highways, and coconut-lined bylanes to some of the most unique temples in Bhāratavarṣa, and it will make you travel through the history and culture of Bhāratavarṣa in what is perhaps one of the greatest stories of cultural reclamation. 


Temples of goa