Chamba Chapter

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datesicon 3 - 6 Feb 2024
durationicon 3D 4N
priceicon ₹41,999
Bṛhat Anveṣī Chamba Chapter brings to you the splendor of the hill temples of Himachal Pradesh built in three different styles in the Chamba district, along the valley of the Ravi River. Traveling through the exquisite landscape of Himachal Pradesh, on mountain roads near pristine river valleys, with vistas topped with snow-capped mountains and deodar forests, you will get to see how Sanātana dharma weaves Hindu cosmology with the sacred geography of Bhāratavarṣa. 
You will see how every corner of the Chamba district is connected with the Mani Mahesh Kailash legend. You will see how cosmology sacralizes geography and how the presence of the sacred geography in legends legitimizes cosmology. You will also get to see the trinity of sacred grove, sacred lake, and sacred temple. If you are up for this adventure which will leave you with not just exquisite memories but the learning of a lifetime, then come join us in the Chamba chapter of Bṛhat Anveṣī.


Temples of chamba